Who are our services aimed at?


The CEO has a global vision for the company. It is he who defines the company’s strategy and who can adjust the levels of resources in order to implement it. With this in mind, P&P’s team develops, in close collaboration with management, the IP strategy which best supports the company’s strategy. Issues relating to technological platforms, geographical coverage of protection, control of costs, licences, global protection by means of patents, trademarks and/or designs are examined for each company.

A perfect match between the company’s global strategy and its IP strategy is indispensable.  Such a match can only be achieved by means of close interaction between P&P and management.


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Business Developers

We help business developers to assess the degree of patent protection that needs to be achieved on a market and to verify freedom to operate in relation to a new product, process or service. In short, we assist them prior to any new developments.


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Inventors define the technical aspects of the invention. Our discussions make it possible to extend the scope of protection beyond the initial invention and, as a consequence, to offer broad protection, thereby giving the company a genuine dominant position. It is on this basis that we are then able to draft the patent application and to specify its claims.


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Finance Director

Intellectual property constitutes an asset within a company and enhances the company’s value. Accordingly, the finance director has an interest in knowing the value of his company’s IP portfolio and in evaluating its profitability. What products would have to be protected in order to obtain the greatest amount of revenue from them and precisely which IP rights should be acquired? An IP portfolio can attract investors who are interested by the company. Granting licences, selling IP rights or marketing products which are appropriately protected may substantially enhance the company’s profit margins.

The finance director will also be interested in the subsidies that are awarded in order to finance the development of a company’s intellectual property. He will also be sensitive to the tax incentives offered by various countries, including Belgium.


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Sales Managers

By way of their contacts with clients and their ongoing analyses, sales managers have the best awareness of the market and of their competitors. Their information is crucial for determining the focus of the innovations expected by the market, for identifying problems or for detecting any infringements. Close contact with the sales managers thus enables research to be steered towards solutions which meet the expectations of the market, but also enables existing solutions to such expectations to be found in the patent literature. In addition, a patent portfolio constitutes an excellent sales argument: it shows the technological and innovative dynamism of the company.


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R&D Director

 The R&D Director is informed of the market’s demands by management and the sales managers. His role is to put in place the necessary resources for offering solutions to these demands. P&P can assist the R&D Director by defining, on the basis of the patent literature, directions to follow in the development of solutions to given problems. A freedom to operate analysis also makes it possible to define the focus of solutions which may or may not find a place on the market.


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IP Professionals

We interact with our overseas colleagues and with a network of lawyers and other IP professionals so as to meet their clients’ specific needs in relation to intellectual property questions.